Journals of the Continental Congress

First Continental Congress: October 24, 1774

October 24, 1774

George Read and John Adams are irritated; they want to return home.

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Journals of the Continental Congress [Edited]

An Address to the people of Quebec was read, and after debate was re-committed.

The committee, to whom the Address to the King was re-committed, reported a draft, which was read, and ordered to be taken into consideration tomorrow. 

According to George Read, Virginia announced that the presence of two delegates would be sufficient to meet the quorum requirement for Virginia to cast a vote.

George Read to Gertrude Read (Brother of George Ross)

I am still uncertain as to the time of my return home.  As I expected, the New England Men declined doing any business on Sunday, and though we sat till 4 o’clock this afternoon, I am well persuaded that our business can by no means be left until Wednesday evening and even then very doubtful so that I have no prospect of being with you until Thursday Evening.  Five of the Virginia Gentlemen are gone.  The two remaining ones have power to act in their stead.”

The two objects before us and which we expect to go through tomorrow is an Address to the King and one to the People of Canada. This last was recommitted this evening in order to be new modeled.  Your brother George came to Congress this afternoon.”

John Adams’s Diary

In Congress, nibbling and quibbling as usual. There is no greater mortification than to sit with half a dozen wits deliberating upon a petition, address or memorial. These great wits, these subtle critics, these refined geniuses, these learned lawyers, these wise statesmen, are so fond of showing their parts and powers, as to make their consultations very tedious. Young Ned Rutledge is …a swallow, a sparrow, a peacock; excessively vain, excessively weak, and excessively variable and unsteady, jejune, inane, and puerile. Mr. Dickinson is very modest, delicate, and timid.

Edited with commentary by Gordon Lloyd.