Journals of the Continental Congress

First Continental Congress: October 15, 1774

October 15, 1774

Should the Quebec Bill be included in the list of commercial grievances to be sent to the King?  James Duane outlines the various positions in the extended debate.  Congress voted, “yes,” on October 17.

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Journals of the Continental Congress [Edited]

The delegates continued their “consideration of the plan of Association for carrying into effect the non-importation, &c” and then adjourned until Monday.

James Duane’s Notes of Debates

Whether the Quebec Bill shall be an article of grievance which is to operate upon our commercial intercourse with G.B.?…

We have three things in this Bill to complain of.
1. The establishment of the Roman Catholic Religion. 2d. The institution of an arbitrary government. 3d. The extension of the Colony by excessive limits….

[Lee, Jay, McKean, Gadsden, John Adams, Paine, Henry debate.]

Resolved that Quebec Bill be an article of the Grievances, to be stood upon. I dissented, but entered unanimously.

Edited with commentary by Gordon Lloyd.