Journals of the Continental Congress

First Continental Congress: September 22, 1774

September 22, 1774

Congress “unanimously” endorses the Report of the Second Committee that is based on  the restraint of trade solution proposed by the Suffolk Resolves.

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Journals of the Continental Congress [Edited]

Resolved unanimously, given the Report of the Second Committee “that the Congress request the Merchants and others in the several colonies, not to send to Great Britain, any orders for goods, and to direct the execution of all orders already sent, to be delayed or suspended, until the sense of the Congress, on the means to be taken for the preservation of the liberties of America, is made public.”

The First Committee “appointed to state the rights of the colonies &c. having brought in a report of the Rights, the same was read, and the consideration of it referred till Saturday next.”

Edited with commentary by Gordon Lloyd.