Journals of the Continental Congress

First Continental Congress: October 17, 1774

October 17, 1774

The delegates resumed their consideration “of the plan of Association, &c. and after spending the remainder of the day on that subject, adjourned till tomorrow.” John Dickinson arrives. George Read and the Virginians wish to return home.

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Journals of the Continental Congress [Edited]

John Dickinson from Pennsylvania arrived.  Congress resumed discussion of The Association.  Adjourned.

George Read to Gertrude Read

No certainty yet of the time I am to return to you. The Virginians give out that they will go off this day Week, but 1 doubt the business before us will not be in that State it ought by that time….Last night I went to Club with Mr. Hamilton whom I met with at the Coffee house but our Company there was not so sprightly. I am told there are letters in Town from Boston mentioning General Gage’s declining State of health, supposed to be owing to uneasiness of Mind & that he is now actually confined to his Bed–most persons who wish for Peace wish his recovery. It is also said that there are some Letters in A Late Vessel from Liverpool mentioning that the American Cause is gaining ground in England & that Hutchinson & Bernard will be made the Scape Goats by the Ministry…. Eating & drinking distress me most. However I was moderate yesterday, the ladies were the Means of it in some Measure and the wine at the Tavern at Night was bad.

Edited with commentary by Gordon Lloyd.