Journals of the Continental Congress

Second Continental Congress: February 28, 1776

February 28, 1776

Most of the day is taken up with 1) the war effort and 2) the report from The Committee on Prisoners concerning the proper treatment and support of prisoners and their families in captivity in Pennsylvania counties, districts, and towns. Once again, what is striking is Congressional involvement in matters of detail. 

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Journals of the Continental Congress [Edited]

Resolved, That a letter be sent to General Lee desiring him not to set out for Canada, till he receive further orders from Congress.  That the “deputy muster master general,” Gunning Bedford, join the northern army in Canada at once, and that “he muster the troops once in every month, and make returns to Congress and the commanding Officer.”  Resolved that an Account of the Money paid to the Pennsylvania troops who have marched to Canada, be sent to Major General Schuyler.  Congress approved the orders given by Major General Schuyler to Lieutenant Colonel Warner in his letter of February 12.

Resolved, That the Secret Committee be directed to return to the delegates of North Carolina the four hundred pounds of powder borrowed of that colony.

Congress approved the petition of Anthony Marmajou, master and owner of the brig Little Polly, of the island of Martinique, to trade between Martinique and the United Colonies and “that he use his utmost endeavors to import into these colonies the powder and arms mentioned in his petition.”

The committee, to whom the letters from General Schuyler, dated 10th and 13th of February, and the papers therein mentioned, were referred, brought in their report, which was taken into consideration: and thereupon,

Resolved, That a sufficient quantity of steel be sent to Major General Schuyler, or the commanding officer at Albany, for the Armorers and the blacksmith who is appointed to go and work for the Indians, and that the delegates of New Jersey be desired to provide and forward the same:

The committee, to whom the letters from General Lee and the convention of New Jersey, were referred, brought in their Report, which was read and deferred until Thursday.

Adjourned to 10 o’Clock tomorrow.

Edited with commentary by Gordon Lloyd.