Journals of the Continental Congress

Second Continental Congress: January 18, 1776

January 18, 1776

A Committee of Five is created.  General Washington is sent reports on the death of General Montgomery in Canada.

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Journals of the Continental Congress [Edited]

Congress considered the Report of the committee on the petition of Dr. Church.  “Resolved, that for the advancement of his health, the said Dr. Church be permitted to ride out, at proper seasons, under a trusty guard, who will be careful to prevent his carrying on any correspondence, or doing any act prejudicial to the safety, and welfare of the United Colonies.

Resolved, That the committee of safety of Pennsylvania commit Dr. John Smith to “safe and close confinement.”

A committee of five–Thomas Lynch, George Wythe, Roger Sherman, Samuel Ward, and Samuel Adams–was selected to consider General Schuyler’s enclosures and letter of the 13th of January and report to Congress.

Adjourned to 10 o’Clock tomorrow.

John Hancock to George Washington

Before this reaches you, I doubt not you will hear the disagreeable news from Quebec, on which sincerely condole with you.

Stephen Hopkins, Joseph Hewes, and Silas Deane to George Washington

We shall first give you the disagreeable intelligence brought hither by an Express from Quebec of an unsuccessful attack that was made to storm that city on the 31st of December in the morning in which General Montgomery, his Aid de Camp Capt. Macpherson, and Captain Cheesman, both by his side were all shot instantly dead….

The Congress have determined to erect a splendid Monument to the memory of the Gallant Montgomery and to every other commanding officer bravely fighting and falling in his country’s cause.

Edited with commentary by Gordon Lloyd.