Journals of the Continental Congress

Second Continental Congress: January 19, 1776

January 19, 1776

Congress undergoes an alteration in membership. Several Committees present reports. Roger Sherman seeks information on the border disputes between Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

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Journals of the Continental Congress [Edited]

Resolved, That five new members– Oliver Wolcott, Connecticut, for Silas Deane; William Floyd, New York, for Francis Lewis; Thomas Mc’Kean, Delaware, for Cæsar Rodney; John Rogers, Maryland, for Thomas Johnson; Edward Rutledge, South Carolina, for Christopher Gadsden-be added to the Committee of Claims, “in the room of so many absent.”

Congress approved the Report of the Committee that our prisoners were “as comfortable as possible….As men, they have a claim to all the rights of humanity; as countrymen, though enemies, they claim something more.”

The Congress supported the Report of the Committee on the matter of South Carolina offering monetary incentives to recruit seamen.  

Congress approved the recommendation of The Committee of Claims.

Congress chose John Haslet and Gunning Bedford as Colonels for Delaware.

Congress resumed the consideration of the report of the committee on the state of the colonies with special attention given to New York.

Congress adopted the Report of the Committee on Qualifications for Pennsylvania battalions.

Resolved, That the American army in Canada be reinforced with all possible dispatch with battalions from the several colonies, as well for the security and relief of our friends there, as for better securing the rights and liberties not only of that colony, but the other United Colonies. 

That General Washington…march with the greatest expedition possible to Canada and “to advance one month’s pay to every officer and soldier before their march, that they may be able to purchase necessary clothing.

“And that it be recommended to the general assemblies, conventions, and councils or committees of safety, of the colonies in which the battalions are directed to be raised, that they respectively attend to this business.”

Adjourned to 10 o’Clock tomorrow.

Roger Sherman to Zebulon Butler (Connecticut Army)

We have had an Account of an attack on our people by Some of the Pennsylvanians who were repulsed with the loss of two men killed, but have heard nothing from the Connecticut people relative to that Action or whether they Sustained any loss. There is a report here that your people have given Some disturbance to the Settlers under Pennsylvania.  I Should be Glad of a particular account from you of the Situation of affairs relative to that unhappy controversy which tends to weaken the Union of the Colonies at the present alarming Crisis. I hope you will do all in your power to prevent any disturbance being given to the Settlers under Pennsylvania by our people and that the resolutions of the Congress be duly observed…. 

Colonel Dyer and Mr. Dean have left Congress, the time they were appointed for being expired, and Oliver Wolcott and Samuel. Huntington are now attending in their Stead. You will observe that the Congress have recommended that all the effects taken and detained from any persons on the Controverted lands be restored.

Edited with commentary by Gordon Lloyd.