Journals of the Continental Congress

Second Continental Congress: July 19, 1775

July 19, 1775

The General writes a letter to Congress. Three more Committees of Three created.  Congress does not forget the importance of July 20th. 

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Journals of the Continental Congress [Edited]

Congress considered “a Letter from the General,” with respect to Bunker Hill.  “The paragraph of the General’s letter respecting an easier communication between him and this Congress, be referred for consideration until Saturday next.”

Congress continued to be involved in very specific aspects of the war effort.  A Committee of three–Thomas Lynch, Richard Henry Lee and Christopher Gadsden—were chosen “to devise ways and means of raising…a company of Matrosses” in Philadelphia and sending them to Boston.  Another Committee of three- Francis Lewis, Robert Treat Paine, and Henry Middleton—were to report on “the method of establishing a hospital.”  Yet another committee of three– Silas Deane, Thomas Johnson, and Thomas Cushing– were appointed “to bring in an estimate of the expenses, incurred by the votes and resolves of this Congress.”  James Wilson was ordered to “apply to the committee of the city and liberties of Philadelphia, and request them to make diligent inquiry what quantity of Duck, Bussia sheeting, tow cloth, Oznaburgs and ticklenburgs can be procured in this city,” and make a report “as soon as possible to this Congress.”

Congress “recommended to the Colony of Rhode Island, to complete and send forward to the camp before Boston, as soon as possible, the three hundred and sixty men, lately voted by their general Assembly.”  Congress “Resolved, That the nomination of three of the Commissioners for Indian Affairs, in the Southern Department, be left to the council of safety, appointed by the colony of South Carolina.”  And that “it be left to General Washington, if he thinks fit, to appoint three Brigade Majors, and commission them accordingly.”

 “Agreed, That the Congress meet here tomorrow morning, at half after 9 o’Clock, in order to attend divine service at Mr. Duché’s Church; and that in the afternoon they meet here to go from this place and attend divine service at Doctor Allison’s Church.”


Edited with commentary by Gordon Lloyd.