Journals of the Continental Congress

Second Continental Congress: July 26, 1775

July 26, 1775

Congress creates a Post Office to operate throughout the continent under the direction of a Postmaster General, and the Virginia Delegation recommends the up and coming star, Edmund Randolph, to George Washington.  

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Journals of the Continental Congress [Edited]

Congress resumed the consideration of the Report of the Committee on the Post Office; which being debated by paragraphs, was agreed to.

The Congress then proceeded to the election of a postmaster general for one year, and until another is appointed by a future Congress, when Benjamin Franklin, Esqr. was unanimously chosen.

Adjourned till to Morrow at 8 o’Clock.

Richard Henry Lee, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson to George Washington

With the most cordial warmth we recommend our Countryman Mr. Edmund Randolph to your patronage and favor.  This young Gentleman’s abilities, natural and acquired, his extensive connections, and above all, his desire to serve his Country in this arduous struggle, are circumstances that cannot fail to gain him your countenance and protection….Encouraged by your friendship, and instructed by your example, we hope Mr. Randolph will become useful to his Country and profitable to himself.

[Editor’s Note. Edmund Randolph was appointed an aide-de-camp to Washington in August 1775.]

Edited with commentary by Gordon Lloyd.