Journals of the Continental Congress

Second Continental Congress: June 14, 1775

June 14, 1775

Congress 1) approves the creation of “six companies of expert riflemen” that include a detailed account of rank, pay, recruitment, and the oath to be administered and then 2) creates a five member committee to draft Rules and Regulations for the Army.

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Journals of the Continental Congress [Edited]

The Congress resolved itself into a committee of the whole to consider the state of America. After some time, Samuel Ward reported that not having yet come to a conclusion, he moved leave to sit again. Nevertheless, the committee wished to report some resolutions which they had agreed to.

The resolutions being read, were adopted as follows:

Resolved, That six companies of expert riflemen, be immediately raised in Pennsylvania, two in Maryland, and two in Virginia; that each company consist of a captain, three lieutenants, four serjeants, four corporals, a drummer or trumpeter, and sixty-eight privates.

That each company, as soon as completed, shall march and join the army near Boston, to be there employed as light infantry, under the command of the chief Officer in that army.

That the pay of the Officers and privates be as follows….

That the form of the enlistment be in the following words:

I have, this day, voluntarily enlisted myself, as a soldier, in the American continental army, for one year, unless sooner discharged: And I do bind myself to conform, in all instances, to such rules and regulations, as are, or shall be, established for the government of the sad. Army.

Upon motion, Resolved, That George Washington, Philip Schuyler, Silas Deane, Thomas Cushing, and Joseph Hewes be a committee to draft Rules and Regulations for the government of the army.

A letter from the convention of New York, dated 10 June, 1775, respecting a vessel which is stopped there, was read and referred to the delegates of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York.

Resolved, That the Congress will, tomorrow, resolve itself into a committee of the whole, to take into consider the ways and means of raising money, and the state of America in general. This to be a standing order, until the business is completed.

Adjourned until tomorrow at 9 o’Clock.

Edited with commentary by Gordon Lloyd.