Journals of the Continental Congress

Second Continental Congress: May 13, 1775

May 13, 1775

Forty six delegates present.  John Jay from New York, Thomas Stone from Maryland, and Lyman Hall from Georgia arrive. Silas Deane writes to his wife that 1) Patrick Henry is on his way, 2) the absence of Rhode Island is hindering “our entering at once deeply on business,” 3) “the scenes before us are so vast, that I can give no kind of judgment as to the term we shall be detained here.” 

Journals of the Continental Congress [Edited]

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Present, the same as yesterday, and also Mr. J. Jay from New York and Thomas Stone from Maryland.

The Congress accepted the credentials Lyman Hall as a delegate from the parish of St. John’s in the colony of Georgia.

A petition from the county of Frederic, in Virginia, addressed to the Congress, was presented and read.

Agreed, That it be referred to the committee of the whole which is to sit on Monday.

Adjourned till Monday at nine o’Clock.

Silas Deane to Elizabeth Deane

The Next Morning set out for Philadelphia, & were met at about Six Miles on this side the City by about Two Hundred of the principal Gentlemen on Horseback with their Swords Drawn. Here We alighted, & baited. Thence, began a most lengthy procession, half the Gentlemen on horseback, in the Van; next to them, Ten Men on horseback with Bayonets fixed; Then, Hancock & Adams, then Payne, next Mr. Dehart, Next Col. Floyd & Mr. Boerum in a Phaeton with two most elegant white English horses, Then Your humble Servant, & Col. Dyer, then Father Cushing & Jno. Adams, Mr. Sherman next, then Mr. P. Livingston, who took Jno. Webb into his Carriage, as one of his Servants had tired his horse, & took John’s. Mr. Alsop tired all Four of his fine bay Horses, and was with Mr. Duane put into other Carriages. Our rear closed, with the remainder of the Gentlemen on horseback, with Swords drawn, and then the Carriages, from the City. At about Two Miles distance We were met, by a Company on Foot, & then by a Company of rifle Men in their Uniform which is very Curious. Thus rolling & gathering like a Snowball, we approached the City which was full of people, & the Crowd, as great as at New York, the Bells all ringing, and the air rent with Shouts & huzza’s. My little bay Horses were put in such a Fright that I was in fear of killing several of the spectators, however No harm was done, and after much fatigue, We were landed at the New City Tavern. Happily a Rain had laid the Dust, & we were not so troubled as at New York. We found all Our Freinds from the Southward (Mr. Henry excepted) arrived, he is hourly expected. Caesar is well, and as handsome as ever….

Dr. Franklin is of the Congress the proceedings of which as before will be kept a Secret–Galloway is fled as they say. You think Your Spirit is high, believe Me it is as much warmer here as the Climate and

The scenes before us are so vast, That I can give no kind of Judgement as to The Term We Shall be detained here, and I tremble when I think of their vast importance –may the God of Wisdom presided Mr. Duche made a most pathetic, & pertinent prayer at Our Opening–President and Secretary. the same as before.

Edited with commentary by Gordon Lloyd.