Journals of the Continental Congress

Second Continental Congress: May 2, 1776

May 2, 1776

Congress deals with a number of housekeeping issues concerning the war effort, and relies on a well developed committee system.

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Journals of the Continental Congress [Edited]

A letter from the committee of secrecy, war, and intelligence, of North Carolina, of the 22d of April, enclosing a list of prisoners sent by them to Philadelphia;

Resolved, That the April 30, 1776 letter from General Washington, with the memorial of Governor Cooke, be referred to the committee appointed to take into consideration the state of the eastern colonies.

Resolved, That a letter be written to General Schuyler, desiring him, in case Major Douglass declines to take the command of the vessels on the lakes, that he appoint Captain Wyncoop to that command, and inform Congress thereof by the first opportunity.

Resolved, That an order for twenty thousand dollars be drawn on the treasurers in favor of James Mease, commissary, for the use of the Pennsylvania battalions, he to be accountable.

A letter from Henry Fisher, of Lewistown, dated May 1st, and directed to the committee of safety of Pennsylvania, and by them sent to Congress, was read;

Resolved, That the commanding officer of the Delaware battalion, be directed to station thirty five men, with an officer, at the False Cape, till farther orders.

Resolved, That the Secret Committee be directed to send two hundred weight of powder, and 200 lbs of Lead, to Lewistown, for the use of the companies stationed there.

Ordered that The Committee of Claims Report concerning the reimbursement to Dr. William Curry be paid.

The committee, to whom were referred the papers laid before Congress by the delegate from North Carolina, brought in their report, which was read and ordered, to lie on the table.

The Congress then resumed the consideration of the report of the committee on General Washington’s letter of March 24, 1776 and after some debate Resolved, That it be recommitted;

Resolved As the gentlemen who brought in the report are absent, that a new committee of three be appointed: John Dickinson, William Livingston, and Edward Rutledge.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Delaware council of safety to furnish the commanding officer of the Delaware battalion, with as many of the public arms of that county as may be sufficient for arming the companies of the said battalion to be used by them until otherwise ordered by the said branch of the council of safety.

Several other matters were postponed.

Adjourned to 10 o’Clock tomorrow.

Edited with commentary by Gordon Lloyd.