Journals of the Continental Congress

Second Continental Congress: October 27, 1775

October 27, 1775

Congress continues the long October discussion on the state of the trade of the United Colonies. John Adams notes Robert. R. Livingston’s speech against the motion to extend the non-exportation agreement segment of the general system.

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Journals of the Continental Congress [Edited]

The Committee appointed to consider the letter from the Convention of New York brought in their report which was read.

Congress resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole to further consider the state of the trade of the United Colonies, and after some time, the president resumed the chair and Samuel Ward reported that they had considered the matter referred to them, but not having come to a conclusion, desired leave to sit again.

Adjourned to 10 o’Clock tomorrow.

John Adams’s Notes of Debates

[Editor’s Note.  John Adams’s Notes indicate that Livingston opposed the motion to continue a ban on all exports not expressly approved by Congress. Livingston kept Notes for his own speech. Congress on November 1, contra Livingston, adopted an October 31 committee report, and voted to prohibit non-congressionally sanctioned exports until March 1st, 1776.  See Link to date-related documents.]

New York Delegates to Nathaniel Woodhull (New York Provincial Assembly)

We have the pleasure of enclosing you a resolve passed this day in Congress, which we hope will enable our Province to provide ammunition with Certainty & Dispatch. You will easily perceive the Propriety of keeping it as secret as the Nature of the Business will admit; and we have particular Reasons for wishing that the Vessels intended for this Voyage may be soon dispatched.

Edited with commentary by Gordon Lloyd.