Journals of the Continental Congress

Second Continental Congress: September 22, 1775

September 22, 1775

A Committee of Seven is appointed to consider the state of the trade of America.

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Journals of the Continental Congress [Edited]

The Committee of Accounts produced accounts for Andrew M’Nair, Door keeper, for his services, &c., and for William Shad, for his services as messenger, last session.

Ordered, That the accounts be paid.

Sundry letters were laid before the Congress and read, viz.

1st. 2 from John Haring, chairman of the Committee of Safety in New York, dated 19 Sept. 1775, with sundry papers enclosed.

2d. One from Messrs. L. Morris and J. Wilson, dated Pittsburg, 14 September. 1775, with sundry enclosed papers.

The Committee of Safety for this province, having informed the Congress that they have taken into custody Major Robert Rogers, an officer in the King’s service,

Resolved, That in case the Committee find nothing against Major Rogers, except that of his being a half pay officer, he be discharged, on giving his parole not to take up arms against the Inhabitants of America in the present controversy between Great Britain and America.

Resolved, That a Committee of Seven be appointed to take into consideration the state of the trade of America, and report their opinion. The following members were elected: Benjamin Franklin, John Rutledge, John Jay, Peyton Randolph, Thomas Johnson, Silas Deane, and Thomas Willing.

Adjourned till tomorrow at 9 o’Clock.

Edited with commentary by Gordon Lloyd.